World’s Most Extravagant Marriage Proposals

Spare no expense! That’s the general rule when it comes to marriage proposals. It’s the one time when you put your best foot forward. To increase the chances of getting a yes, you have to go all out. With the proposal idea, the execution, the location, and of course, the ring. Make sure the ring is worth showing off to her girlfriends, and most of all, bring out all the jealousy. Here are a few proposal ideas to get you in the spirit.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

This is perhaps the most expensive engagement in history. Richard bought one of the most expensive rings ever given to a future bride. The diamond became famously known as the Taylor-Burton or Krupp diamond and weighed an impressive 30 carats at the time. It has, however, been reshaped and recut by the new owners.

World’s Most Extravagant Marriage Proposals

Kim and Kanye West

Kanye West went all out in his proposal to Kim. To begin with, the entire thing happened in a San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park, that was packed with a fantastic display of art and music. He got a 50 piece orchestra to play her favorite songs including Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. They also played “Knock you down” by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo, and Kanye West.
In an interview with Vanity Fair Kanye said that he wanted to get everything right and as a result, he worked with different jewelers to make three different engagement rings. In the end, Lorraine Schwartz’s stylish creation fit. This 15-carat gem is estimated to have cost between $2.5 and $3 million.

World’s Most Extravagant Marriage Proposals

The TV-Show proposal

Rand was a man with a plan. He was going to get his girlfriend, Geraldine in the most incredible way possible. So he started an online campaign to raise enough money for a Superbowl ad proposal. People came out and donated, but unfortunately could not meet the 2 and a half million dollar goal.
Then Rand became a man with another plan. He knew his girlfriend’s favorite show was Veronica Mars. He bought ad space on TV and waited for Tuesday, February the 6th 2007, and watched as her tears of joy turned into a yes. Rand Fishkins was a happy man. You can look at their engagement here.

The Down Low

Not all engagement stories have a happy ending. Enter colorful Malaysian businessman Jho Low. Senor Low planned an elaborate proposal at a private beach at Atlantis, The Palm, off the coast of Dubai. The couple arrived at the beach in a blacked-out Rolls Royce, to candles laid out in a valentine heart shape. They then proceeded to dine to the works of Ali Bakhtair, the world-renowned architectural firm, including laser outlines of the couple silhouettes
At the end of the evening, the would-be fiancé, Mandopop star Elva Hsiao rejected the proposal stating that Senor Jho was “Like a little brother”. Since then, things have gotten lower for Jho, who is under investigation for serious financial improprieties. So while you’re sitting at home whining, they refused to propose, thank your stars they haven’t yet said no.