The Most Expensive Resort to Visit

Now that the holiday season is upon us, we are all searching for the ultimate place in the world to spend our summer days and nights. Some are satisfied by a mountain stream and a tent with an improvised kitchen and living to spend the evenings after long hikes, others dream about the fanciest place in the world. If money is no problem for you, we recommend the Banwa Private Island, the most expensive resort available in the world.

Where Is Banwa Island?

Just the idea of a Private Island sends shivers down my spine. Having an entire beach and ocean all for yourself must be heaven on earth. But where is this earthly paradise located?

The Banwa Island is roughly 10 degrees North of the Equator – precisely latitude 10°19.15’N, longitude 119°28.85’E. Located 480 miles from Manila, in the Palawan archipelago in the Philippines, this island is a secluded place to spend the holiday of a lifetime.

Where Is Banwa Island?

What about the price?

The Banwa Private Island, a 15-acre island resort, can be all yours for $100,000 a night. This is the price you have to pay to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, but bear in mind the fact that you must spend there at least three nights. The costs do not stop here, though. Because the place is only reachable by helicopter or seaplane, you will have some other fees to pay, such as: a round-trip private helicopter for 5 people for $11,580 or a 9-passenger private seaplane, which starts at $990 / way.

What do you get?

Well, at that price you should get pretty much anything you want. And you will. For $100,000 a night, you get six magnificent beach-front villas and “each comes with its own infinity pool and Jacuzzi deck at the water’s edge offering the ultimate privacy and panoramic views, dawn to dusk”, notes the official website. The villas have a minimalistic design, with floor to ceiling windows meant to bring the inside out. Apart from them, you also get access to 12 garden rooms and a top-level suite, ready to accommodate up to 48 guests.

What do you get?

Top-notch services and amazing activities

While at the most expensive resort in the world, you will enjoy exquisite cuisine. The food is locally sourced and simply cooked by amazing chefs, and everything is done with the focus on wellbeing.
When it comes to the available activities, you have access to everything you ever wanted, without an extra cost. Let’s say you feel like scuba diving, sailing or snorkeling. You can do it. Also, if you wish to enjoy a relaxing massage, you can do so anytime you want.

Nature’s Gems

No matter what you say, I bet that you would not pay $100,000 a night just for great food and man-made wonders, but rather for the breathtaking sceneries and the incredible fauna and flora residing at the Banwa Island. Even more so when you have an expert to talk to you personally: “There’s intriguing wildlife to investigate, too – including Hawksbill sea turtles and Tabon birds – and there are an on-site animal expert guests can chat to about it.”, notes The Daily Mail.