Here’s How Robert Pattinson is Erasing His ‘Twilight’ Sparkly Vampire Image

What’s the first thing that comes into mind when someone mentions Robert Pattinson? For many, they are most familiar with his role as a sparkling vampire in the film adaptation of the Twilight series.

The Twilight Saga earned over three billion dollars at the global box office. Thus, it cemented the image of Pattinson as Edward Cullen. But times have changed — and Pattinson has a bright future ahead.

Here’s How Robert Pattinson is Erasing His ‘Twilight’ Sparkly Vampire Image

Breaking the Image With Other Movies

The English actor was in other movies other than Twilight and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire even before 2014. For one, he was Salvador Dali in Paul Morrison’s 2008 drama Little Ashes.

He was in Remember Me in 2010 and Water for Elephants in 2011. These didn’t make a ton of money, but they helped Pattinson develop his acting skills in the drama category.

The following year, he made it clear that he wasn’t just meant for something like Twilight. He got a lead role in David Cronenberg’s drama Cosmopolis — and his performance was deemed excellent.

If Pattinson can make a name in these films, the world may just forget his infamous role in the vampire saga. But he had to put in a lot of work to turn this into reality.

Breaking the Image With Other Movies

2014: A New Beginning Away from ‘Twilight’

The beginning of 2014 already had great news for the 33-year-old celebrity. He was in two films that both had their premieres at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

The first film was The Rover, which was also a drama film but had a dystopian setting. Pattinson didn’t get the lead role for it but the critics were aware of his performance.

At the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, Pattinson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Then there was Maps to the Stars, which was another Cronenberg drama.

He earned more praise for his role in that movie. And Pattinson went on to receive raves for other indie films: Queen of the Desert, Life, and The Childhood of a Leader.

Here’s How Robert Pattinson is Erasing His ‘Twilight’ Sparkly Vampire Image

Critical Acclaim and Being The Dark Knight

At this point, it was clear that Rober Pattinson was more than just Edward Cullen. He was a genuine actor who deserved to be in quality films — and so he did.

In 2016, he earned praises for his role in James Gray’s The Lost City of Z. Then he tried his luck in Good Time, which the Safdie Brothers directed.

It paid off. He got critical acclaim for his Good Time performance. Plus, it was described as the peak of his career, but this wasn’t true.

Critical Acclaim and Being The Dark Knight

He went on to receive approval for both Damsel and the Claire Denis sci-fi film High Life. Likewise, 2019 is treating him well. Pattinson is part of The Lighthouse, the latest horror film from Robert Eggers.

With all the consistent acclaim he’s been getting for the past six years or so, you’d think the world will forgive him for Twilight. But all these films aren’t blockbuster hits like Twilight.

Pattinson needed to be in a film that the masses were willing to see. And well, he got his wish. He’s confirmed to play Batman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which will premiere in 2021.

From being a sparkly vampire, Robert Pattinson is set to become one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. How’s that for an inspiring before-and-after story?