Beyoncé Released the First Single off Her New Lion King-inspired Album

You’ve all seen the trailer of the upcoming The Lion King movie. I mean, you must have, as YouTube registered more than 38 million views for the official trailer. But did you know that Beyoncé is part of the cast? Yup, she is voicing Nala, and that is not all. She has just released an awesome song entitled Spirit, and it’s so strong and bold that you will all love it. What is more, Spirit will be part of a new Lion King-inspired album.

Beyoncé announced the release of the album before midnight on July 9, coinciding with the red-carpet premiere of the film. Entitled The Lion King: The Gift, the album will also debut the same day with the official release of the movie. “Spirit will be included in the film – during a <> according to a press release from Disney – but it’s very unlikely that the remainder of The Gift will factor into the movie”, announces Vox.

Beyoncé considers the album a new experience of storytelling. According to The Sun, “it will be a mixture of genres and collaborations that isn’t one sound. It is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop, and Afro Beat.”

It is already known that the beloved singer, who has been decorated with awards from Grammys to Billboards and Brits, has been longing for an Oscar for quite some time. Well, who knows? Maybe The Lion King will indeed bring her the most-desired award next February.

Short Song Overview

The song begins with an African vibe and undecipherable lyrics, meant to set the listener in the mood of the movie. At the 33rd second, we can hear Beyoncé roar with strength the first verse of the song.

Overall, the song is very uplifting, with the pre-chorus urging everybody to “rise up” or “stand up and fight”. Marking the precious moment of when a boy becomes a man, the song helps us see the heavens open, with all the natural elements gathering in order to support the precious moment – the wind is talkin’, we can see a light in the sky, the water’s crashin’ and the stars gather by one’s side.

The image created in the song is one of an earthly paradise and will be featured into the movie. Details regarding the other songs on the album will be released through the course of this week.

The Lion King Remake

Opinions are spread between “it’s been a great idea” and “stop it with the Disney remakes already”. If The Lion King rises or not to the expectations of the fans we’ll find out in just a few days, as the animated musical film is set to premiere on July 19. I know I’ll be at the cinema in the front row waiting impatiently.

For now, the Jon Favreau directed movie is ranked pretty low on Rotten Tomatoes, with a percentage of 58%. Even if they are disappointed by the overall impression, critics state that “Timon and Pumbaa absolutely stole the show with their lively banter and jokes” and consider the interpretation of Beyoncé as being quite strong.